ASIA: Good City Foundation and The World Economic Forum Establishes Collaboration for Global Urban Transformation

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4 min readFeb 22, 2022
Group Photo of Delegates in the 3th Annual Meet of Future City Summit in Guangzhou, Mainland China

March 2022 — Regional non-profit development organisation Good City Foundation established official collaboration with the World Economic Forum, an international organisation for public private collaboration. Both are set to strive for a better future for cities with excellent city leadership and governance in urban transformation towards a set of green, sustainable and urban resilience principles. The collaboration was put forth along with the founder, Andre Kwok, onboarding the World Economic Forum as Fellow.

The official collaboration highlighted 2 major co-creation: 1)Preparation of the Asian-based Global Urban Transformation Centre in Greater Bay Area and 2)Establishment of strategic network of G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance in Southeast Asia:

1. Global Urban Transformation — Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area

Good City Foundation and the World Economic Forum collaboration is set to respond to the global call-for-action towards carbon neutrality since the last COP26, where cities are the battlefields. Urban transformation through various processes such as Re-industrialisation (再工業化), Retrofitting and Decarbonisation in constructions, buildings and urban economic forms are to be set as top agenda in more cities to maintain sustainable economic competitiveness while the global pandemic and climate change remain the key drivers.

With the launch of the Global Urban Transformation Centre in Detroit in The US in late 2021, Asia-focused strategies in facilitating urban transformation as a platform / centre is set as part of the key mandate in the collaboration with the objective to prepare for an Asian Centre by 2024. Together with the Beijing Office of the World Economic Forum, Hong Kong and cities in Greater Bay Area (粵港澳大灣區) are set as the key regions with the highlight of the recently announced Northern Metropolis (北部都會區) where future real estate concepts such as rural urbanisation (鄉鎮城市化), affordable housing and cross-border cities were to be practiced.

Quoted Information from Future Real Estate Framework and the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy.

2. G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance — Southeast Asian Cities

With the heart into Southeast Asia, the collaboration strategically develops further bottom-up communities and multilateral city government networks through nomination of cities for the Pioneering Program in G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA). Smart city technology governance policy practices and global standards in domains such as public services, open data, use of algorithm and Artificial Intelligence, privacy and cybersecurity were to be incorporated and supported to current regional governance frameworks led by the ASEAN Secretariat’s Connectivity and ASEAN Smart Cities Network.

Towards the G20 Presidency of Indonesia and Cambodia’s Chairmanship in ASEAN, the Alliance unites municipal, regional and national governments, private-sector partners and cities’ residents around a shared set of principles for the responsible and ethical use of smart city technologies.

LAB.PH and Good City Foundation nominated City Government of Manila as one of the 36 “Pioneer Cities”.

Good City Foundation welcomes emerging cities and government networks with technology governance mandates in Southeast Asia to reach out.

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3. Towards the 7th Annual Meet of the Future City Summit

With the establishment of the collaboration, the 7th Annual Meet of the Future City Summit (expected mid December in 2022), sponsored by Tsangs Group, would be foreseen with deeper participation of global thought leaders in cities, bringing more global insights, upwards opportunities and shared communities to the underserved groups and cities. 2022 onwards, Good City Foundation visions to drive the Future City Summit as the most inclusive young city leaders platform.

Good City Foundation welcomes all communities (youth, professionals and academia) to reach out for partnership and participation.

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Partners and Delegates of PPP by Youth Development Program in Denpasar City, Bali Island in January 2019.

Since founding in 2016, Good City Foundation has been dedicated to deliver values and knowledge to the local city leaders and strategic stakeholders, while nurturing the next generation of young leadership in urban sustainability, technology for good and social entrepreneurship, with various development networks such as St. Gallen Symposium, ASEAN Youth Organization and Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum.

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