Cambodia: Hong Kong Executive Luncheon Concluded with a Stronger Business Projects and Investment Partnerships with Hong Kong as the International Financial Destination

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4 min readJan 13, 2023
Cambodia-Hong Kong Executive Business Luncheon Poster

Cambodia — Hong Kong Executive Luncheon was hosted by Good City Foundation on 16th December 2022, sponsored by the Hong Kong Economics and Trade Office in Bangkok, supported also by Invest Hong Kong and Tsangs Group with the lead curation support of local City Partner, Ms. Pichmonyka Chan.

Group Photo of All Guests in the Luncheon

With the theme “Little Dragon Rise Again”, the executive luncheon concluded deeper business and investment dialogue between Hong Kong and Cambodia. The luncheon aimed to drive stronger investor networking connectivity between Hong Kong and Cambodia. 22 business and investment leaders from Cambodia, and the representative from HKETO with business interest in Hong Kong and Cambodia, and primary target sectors include family businesses, venture capital and investments with strong sector interests in smart cities, fintech and supply-chain and venture builder enablers, have been invited to share the business trends and future Cambodia-Hong Kong business and investment opportunities.

Guests of business leaders and official representatives include Wing Bank, Canadia Bank, Phnom Penh City Hall, Emerging Markets Investment Advisors, Knight Frank, Urban Village, MDP Cambodia, Platform-Impact, Sok Siphana&Associates, Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia and the Asian Network.

Mr. Jason Chow, The Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Economics and Trade Office in Bangkok, began with the welcome remark by introducing HKETO and the market landscape information and policy resources that facilitates and attract advanced technology investors, sustainability investors, funding institutions, and enterprises to consider landing in Hong Kong for business establishment and strengthen Cambodia-Hong Kong business relation.

Opening Remarks by Mr. Jason Chow, the deputy director of HKETO in Bangkok

Together with Mr. Aronsakda Ses, City Partner, Ms. Pichmonyka also shared about the Future City Summit event in Phnom Penh Cambodia on urban sustainability, in collaboration with Future Forum. (More info: please click here)

Additionally, she has also sharedpointed out about athe a key strategy dialogue in Hong Kong in collaboration with, the World Economic Forum event(tentative) on urban transformation platform that shapes future urban transformation with industry 4.0 in Asia was announced in the Luncheon. The event aims to welcome around 100–150 global business leaders to Hong Kong and co-createproduce a deeper discussion and values. Please contact City Partner, Ms. Pichmonyka Chan( for more information and collaboration

Remark by Ms. Pichmonyka Chan(City Partner, Good City Foundation) and Mr. Aronsakda Ses (Young Researcher, Future Forum)

After the key sharing, the event ended up with a great meal hospitality by local partner restaurant, Mealea Restaurant and business networking.

Capture of Cambodia-Hong Kong Executive Luncheon and Networking

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