ETHIOPIA: Good City Foundation and O-YES Global Foundation to Launch Africa — Asia Youth Forum on Future Workforce, Agriculture Technology Entrepreneurs and SME over Africa — Asia Connectivity

African Union Building in Addis Ababa (source: Newsweek)

By July 2022 — with the key support and leadership of the City Partners in Africa continent (Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and others), the Good City Foundation has been engaging with a wide range of stakeholders in the public and private sectors including the African Union, local governments, corporates, tech startup and investment communities, since 2018. In 2021, Good City Foundation’s venture builder seed supported the education technology startup Smartcore Enterprise in Tanzania.

With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ministry of Labour and Skills, F.D.R.E Authority For Civil Society Organizations and EYWCSOC, Good City Foundation is collaborating with the O-YES Global Foundation, an Africa-focus philanthropic foundation with bases in UAE, Thailand and Ethiopia, to curate the first Africa — Asia Youth Forum (AAYF) in July 2022, in Addis Ababa of Ethiopia, with the main theme of Future Workforce, Agriculture Technology Entrepreneurs and future SME development in Africa in economic and trade connectivity towards Asia. The Forum welcomes pipelines and partnership agenda related to technology innovations, angel investors, private equities and professional service sectors.

Official Website of the Africa — Asia Youth Forum 2022:
Key Partners of the AAYF 2022, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia and Ministry of Labour and Skills.

Africa 2063: Global Networking and Diplomacy

In AAYF 2022, delegates and partner get to strengthen public diplomacy among nations of the continents, pave the way to establish strong, networked, and well-organized Africa- Asia youth organizations, hence building global cooperation relations for future workforce programs for Africa.

Entrepreneurship Know-How and Future Skills in Africa

Enhance essential entrepreneurial and business investment know-how for the young professional delegates in Africa and Asia to enable them tackle community problems through quality youth work which promotes self-employment and socially minded entrepreneurial culture.

Organization Partnership With Actionable Social Impact

With the regional network and partnership facilitation in AAYF 2022, upon their return, the professional delegates are believed to be part of the solutions to their challenges ahead by engaging in new initiatives and opportunities to accelerate their impacts as and where required.

Delegate Registration: Click Here

By the proposed development agenda among the Good City Foundation and the O-YES Global Foundation strives to build further development conversations, stakeholder workforce and project pipelines for meeting the Africa — Asia future trade gap.

Recap with the 2 highlight videos below captured in the Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020 and 2021 respectively to learn further the ongoing dialogues on the concerns of global trade participation of SMEs in Africa through technology innovation and digital transformation.

African Trade, SME and Technology Forum at the Future City Summit Annual Meet 2021.
Africa Economic Planning Outlook at the Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020.
Homecoming Drink Session and Panel Discussion with the representatives from African continent(Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana and others) at the Future City Summit Annual Meet 2019 in KPMG Hong Kong and Chicago University Booth Campus HK.
Roundtable for Emerging Future Cities Network with deeper understanding of African development, with Dr. Monica, Principal Scientist(agriculture background) from African Union Commission at the Future City Summit Annual Meet 2018 in Cyberport Hong Kong.

Reference and Further Link:

  1. Official Website:
  2. Registration:



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