Good City Foundation and Indonesia Creative Cities Network Partner Up with HTC VIVE For Government Future Cities Planning Incubation Through Virtual Reality and Digital Twin Tech

5th September 2021 While the COVID-19 pandemic still persists in the late 2021, it does not stop urban innovation across-border. With the technology partnership of virtual reality system brand HTC VIVE and strategic funding by the family office Tsangs Group and Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN), Good City Foundation launches the Bootcamp Accelerator for Mayor Offices (the “BAMO”) to empower the public sectors with stronger policy and governance capacity and future technological skills in smart city design and planning.

The BAMO program has recruited up to 81 participants from over 31 city governments in Indonesia to conduct over 10 hours of urban planning and development training (planning, design and policy innovation) with consultants from the World Bank IFC, the World Economic Forum (IoT and Urban Transformation), Indonesia Creative Cities Network and Singapore-based digital twin company, Urbanetic. The BAMO program is strategically positioned with the ICCN as part of Indonesia’s national development goal on the 2nd wave of digitalisation in the country.

With the BAMO program being conducted in a hybrid environment of Zoom and HTC VIVE through application ENGAGE (with the provision of locally manufactured VR Headsets), the urban planners would be incubated with the latest digital twin modeling tool and energy and carbon emission optimisation platform with the global standard of smart city governance and planning management. Equipped urban planners and the other participants would be continued following up with their submitted smart city government project through Smart City Working Group pipelines in the IoT and Urban Transformation of the World Economic Forum with the outputs of ESG benchmarking assessment and digital twin modeling.

The grouped city government participants would be incubated with Smart City Digital Platform Use Case and Action Roadmap, with follow-up implementations in their corresponding cities. Selected outstanding city(s) and their smart city plannings in Indonesia, upon the evaluation of the BAMO program, would be invited to conduct demonstrations in the Planning for Good Cities Roadshow session during the 6th Annual Conference of Future City Summit, in partnership with the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA). The nominated city(s) would be invited to the Alliance for further smart city governance policy incubation and implementation, as a global case study in the World Economic Forum.

More Details of the BAMO Program:

Contact for More Inquiries and Partnership: (Ms. Prema Prakanthi, Digital Urban Project Associate)

About Tsangs Group

Tsangs Group is a China-Focused Single Family Office headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in London, Beijing and Shenzhen, investing globally in sector and location agnostic investments and special situation opportunities.

They also provide strategic advisory services by acting as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. They help Chinese companies acquire companies overseas and they also help overseas companies navigate in China.

They are proud of their Chinese and Asian roots, with a Chinese heritage, they plan long term and execute using Western and modern financial and legal structuring engineering to leverage the advantages of West and East. In addition, they also regularly exit opportunities via IPOs and trade sales.

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About HTC VIVE :

HTC Vive is the premier virtual reality (VR) platform and ecosystem that creates true-to-life VR experiences for businesses and consumers. The Vive ecosystem is built around premium VR hardware, software, and content. The Vive business encompasses best-in-class XR hardware; VIVEPORT platform and app store; VIVE Enterprise Solutions for business customers; VIVE X, a $100M VR business accelerator; and VIVE ARTS for cultural initiatives. For more information on Vive, please visit



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