Good City Foundation teams up with Hong Kong-Family Office Tsangs Group for better cities development in Asia

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5 min readJul 22, 2021


5th Anniversary Celebration in the Future City Summit in 2020, with the Chairman of Tsangs Group, Mr. Patrick Tsang (3rd from the left in the last row).

Good City Foundation and Tsangs Group are teaming up as Strategic Partnership in June 2021 to deliver digital platform and global resources of urban development to emerging cities in Asia.

The strategic partnership will promote the foundation’s goal to reposition Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Areas as a “Global Marketplace and Platform for Smart Cities Technologies and Green Technologies”; and improve inter-city connectivity through global meets with high-quality governance development programmes for young leaders and mentorship for youth leaders and future talents of entrepreneurial visions to serve the green and digital economy and smart city movement. The partnership also aims to bring positive practices and values of Green Technologies and Smart Cities Governance in Mainland China to Asia and the globe.

Captures of Capacity Building Programs “PPP by Youth” in Bali (left and centre) with Denpasar City Government in 2020, and Future City Summit 2020 with Director General of Invest Hong Kong, Stephen Phillips (right).

The partnership will also include a sponsorship that covers a series of capacity building development programmes such as the “Bootcamp Accelerator for Mayor Offices” (BAMO) and “Future City Summit” (FCS). Endorsed by the World Bank IFC, the BAMO is a VR-supported smart city development incubator for mayor offices in Southeast Asia, while the FCS is an annual conference for global leaders involved in urban technologies and smart city policy making, hosted primarily in Hong Kong and across various cities in Mainland China to discuss and share the latest outlook and trends of emerging cities in Asia through thoughtful discussions, panel sessions, and sharing of best practices.

The partnership with the family office leaders like Tsangs Group shall bring in new perspectives such as the key role of family offices in impact investing and the aligned need of family business transformation to meet the global sustainability goals. It shall encourage more family offices around the world to connect and collaborate for investing to sustainability through innovation technologies and assets of positive social and climate impacts.

“The partnership between Good City Foundation and Tsangs Group is a living embodiment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) №17, which encourages and promotes effective partnerships that can mobilize and share knowledge, expertise and resources in support of the development progress of countries, in China, Asia and beyond.

Good City Foundation has been a proud ambassador of bridging young leaders in China and other countries, as well as establishing a vibrant community of over 2000 people on important topics, such as smart cities and urban development. With Tsangs Group’s support, we look forward to delivering a more robust program than ever to create impacts on climate change, economic transformation, social inclusion etc.” — Peggy Tse, CFA, Chief Strategy Officer of Good City Foundation.

Chairman of Tsangs Group, Patrick Tsang in the FCS2020 (left).

“Tsangs Group is always a supporter in building a better world. In partnership with Good City Foundation, we firmly believe that we could create value with a positive impact and a positive influence. Good City Foundation consists of a young and passionate team that shares the same values as Tsangs Group. I look forward to participating in the Foundation’s innovative and meaningful initiatives,” commented Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group.

About Good City Foundation

Good City Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental development organisation founded in 2016 by a group of young Hong Kong scholars and entrepreneurs with a vision of bettering urban resilience across the next generation of cities in emerging Asia and Africa. The Foundation aims to foster innovative public and private partnership among the next generation of young leaders across emerging cities.

“ It is our pleasure to gain further support from leading Hong Kong business leaders like Patrick and Tsangs Group for Hong Kong founded global organisation. Good City Foundation keeps the core mission to our heart to support Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area to be the “Global Marketplace for Smart Cities Technology” through influential conventions, impactful deal flows and strategic stakeholder networking, and nurture young global leaders and entrepreneurial visionaries to enable the new economy and smart city movement.” — Andre Kwok, Founder and Chairman of Good City Foundation.

The organisation was first established as “Future City Summit” with the Global Partnership Seed Funding from The Vice President’s Office of The University of Hong Kong. It curates the Annual Conference Future City Summit in Hong Kong and development programs which include “Public Private Partnership by Youth” partnering with local city governments in emerging Asia such as Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bangkok and Metro Manila. The Foundation is currently the Institutional Partner of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance and Private Sector Committee of ASEAN Smart City Network,Thailand. The Good City Foundation is a member of the Non-Profit Committee in the IoT and Urban Transformation Platform (Asia Action Group) and the Future Real Estate Taskforce of the World Economic Forum (China and ASEAN).

About Tsangs Group

Tsangs Group is a China-Focused Single Family Office headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in London and Shenzhen, investing globally in sector and location agnostic investments and special situation opportunities.

The Group also provide strategic advisory services acting as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. We assist Chinese companies acquire companies overseas and we also help overseas companies navigate in China.

We are proud of our Chinese and Asian roots, with a Chinese heritage, we plan long term and execute using Western and modern financial and legal structuring engineering to leverage the advantages of West and East. In addition, we also regularly exit opportunities via IPOs and trade sales.

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