Hangzhou: The Most Resilient City in Mainland China Calls for A Unique Gathering of Youth, for Technology and Innovation.

Dr. Wang Jian, Founder of 2050, ex-Alibaba Group CTO and Chairman of Alibaba Cloud Computing. (photo source: SCMP.tv)

In the time of 30 years, how would we imagine the world? Are we much there yet to address any global crisis and world issues? What would then be the core missions and visions for our generations and the next?

2020 April, Good City Foundation(Future City Summit) would be in joint-hands with 2050, to bring along the Summit 2050 in Yunqi, Hangzhou, gathering the brightest 2,000 young leaders from the world. The program 2050 visions to gather the brightest youth, technologies, and personalities that future looks for, at least by the conceptual timeline of 2050, 30 years from now.

The top-notch technology and innovation Summit and Bootcamp, 2050 was hosted by the 2050 and a large team of volunteers with high profile and deep innovation background such as Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft and other sectors including impact investing, smart city, big data, development and education.

Good City Foundation(Future City Summit) is supporting one of its leading program: 2050 Migrant Bird Project to nominate to participate with full financial support, including flight tickets, accommodation in Hangzhou and others.

2050, the Foundation of Youth and Technology Future Dream

Unlike most Chinese events, 2050 will be organized through the sole power of volunteers, be it individuals, companies or institutions. The volunteers are not just individuals, but organizations including the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Shanghai, Hangzhou municipality, TechNode, Geekbang, designer platform Tezign, co-working space People Squared, English learning app Liulishuo, AI startup Pony.ai, and more. Volunteers constitute a diversified lineup of speakers covering various topics such as AI, cloud computing, blockchain, and space technologies.

The three-day event plans to welcome more than 20k participants. A variety of sessions will be held, including 100 panels, 100 booths, 100 meetups, spiced up with gatherings like a music show, light show, camping, morning jogging, and even games of Go. “There are still boundaries among different science categories. We want to show that tech could be something universal, like sports and art,” Dr. Wang Jian said, the Founder of 2050.

The Founder, Cloud Pioneer and Dreamer

Dr. Wang Jian, Chairman of Alibaba Group Technology Committee, founder of Alibaba Cloud, honorary mayor of Yunqi Cloud Town and Xuelang Town,and the Volunteer of 2050.

In contrast to his identity as the founder of 2050, Wang Jian is more commonly known as Alibaba’s CTO and founder of Alibaba’s cloud computing arm Aliyun. He is known for his farsightedness and shrewd understanding of China’s internet industry.

With his latest retirement from Alibaba Group, Dr. Wang strived with his full time and dedication in technologies and youth, especially big data and urban innovation. The program and the 2050 has been the latest initiative that drives the brightest innovation leaders from the world gathering in Hangzhou, every year.

Yunqi, where technology and innovation thrives

Yunqi, a small town near Hangzhou, made its reputation as the home to Alibaba’s annual tech event, the Yunqi Conference, which usually involves big names in the Chinese tech scene like Jack Ma and Robin Li. Long established as a hotspot for China’s tech industry, this town is going to witness another one-of-a-kind gathering that could make it a tech hub for future generations.

2050 Migrant Bird Project : Where Globe Gathers in Hangzhou

To support the brightest technology and innovators around the world, especially the emerging ones, to join us with the best experience, 2050 is providing full financial support to selected nominees through the following application, namely Migrant Bird Program.

How To Apply:

To get the maximum out of it, join us as delegates. We are looking for youth from all different backgrounds and sectors but with high relevancy to technology and smart city, around the world.

You may click the application link below and write “Future City Summit” in [Recommended by] and put “Andre Kwok, ming@futurecitysummit.org” in [Referrer’s Name and Contact].

Should you have any inquiries, you may also write to community@futurecitysummit.org

Application Link: Click Here

Official Website about 2050: https://2050.org.cn/en/2050at2020/

Source of Content: Alibaba’s former CTO is building an unconference for China’s youth, Technode



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