HONG KONG & BEIJING: For-Prosperity Strategic Partnership through Sustainable Development in Greater China and Asia established among Good City Foundation and Shimmer SDGs Hub

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1st JULY 2022 — with the Celebration of 25th Anniversary of Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Good City Foundation (好城市基金会) and Shimmer SDGs Hub (萤火可持续发展中心) established For-Prosperity Strategic Partnership to foster stronger partnership relations with China-based enterprises, civil societies, institutions and communities for sustainable project incubations.

Shimmer SDGs Hub (萤火可持续发展中心) is a non-profit charity in Beijing and Hangzhou for driving sustainable development goals alignment and proper ESG strategies (Environmental, Social and Governance) development with the state-enterprises and the central government of China.

The Strategic Partnership between the Good City Foundation and Shimmer SDGs Hub serve to connect the ESG strategic objectives and global UN SDGs in the interest of state-enterprises and sustainability development agenda of China where young ethnic Chinese leaders could participate and take leadership for continuous global participation. The partnership aims to drive development projects in the regions of the Greater Bay Area and Belt and Road emerging cities in Asia, in the pillars of youth development, social (tech) entrepreneurship, enterprise leadership in sustainability governance and smart cities connectivities.

Research and Development in Social Innovations; and Platform Partnership for Young Chinese Leaders’ Knowledge Exchange

The co-creation delivers partnership platform through WeChat Public Account (微信服务号) for both research and news content publications as knowledge exchange platform, and Chinese leaders community management and engagement.

The WeChat Public Account “好城市基金会” shall primarily launch the national youth branding playbook which describes a set of values where young Chinese leaders could position uniquely and friendly to maintain stronger global relevance, public relations and global trust, in the echo of 100th Anniversary of Youth Union establishment in Mainland China.

The playbook will serve as a branding and storytelling guideline to drive substantial vision values, principles and entrepreneurial action roadmaps for creative positive and prosperous impacts to global societies through key initiatives such as “Public Private Partnership by Youth” (PPP by Youth), Future City Summit Annual Meet (FCS) and Public Policy and Innovation Economics Research (PIER).

Continuing Development Program “Public Private Partnership by Youth” (PPP by Youth)

As the core of the For-Prosperity Strategic Partnership, the Good City Foundation and Shimmer SDGs Hub are collectively dedicated to driving deeper engagement of ethnic Chinese young leaders in the public and private sectors in Mainland China and overseas Chinese communities through development program “Public Private Partnership by Youth” (PPP by Youth).

With the support of Shimmer SDGs Hub, PPP by Youth engages more state-enterprises from Mainland China to align the regional sustainability interests in local communities when overseas investment projects are committed as part of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, topping with ESG strategies advised through deliverables of PPP by Youth.

As the global pandemic is more relieved and countries open the borders, PPP by Youth programs shall resume to be implemented in key locations such as Indonesia (Denpasar City, Bandung and Jakarta), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), The Philippines (Manila), Thailand (Bangkok) and new cities such as Gampaha (Sri Lanka).

Email us at community@goodcityfoundation.org for exploring more collaboration as part of the joint-initiatives in Good City Foundation and Shimmer SDGs Hub.

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