HONG KONG & GREATER BAY: Good City Foundation and Andre Kwok to Serve for a More Resilient, Sustainable and Trusted Social Development through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Group Photo of Organizing Committees of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit 2021.

MARCH — With the shared values and principles of social innovation development for sustainable urban development in cities, and support to the sustainable development and social innovation movement in society in Hong Kong, Founder of the Good City Foundation, Kwok Ka Ming Andre, participated in the Board of Director in the Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum (HKSEF), a Section 88 Charitable Organization Good City Foundation was first invited to be Co-Organizer of the Social Enterprise Summit (SES) in Hong Kong back in 2021, along with the Founder served as one of the Organizing Committee in the Summit and the Chair of the Community Program in Tai Po District.

The participation in the HKSEF, where SES is one of the key projects of the Forum, includes the support of the research of current status of social innovation and new corporate mindset of “Business For Good” (Corporate Shared Values), flagship annual event of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit and its series of Community Programs across various districts in Hong Kong (where Good City Foundation leads the Tai Po District with the development agenda of future jobs and liveability in the urban transformation process of Re-Industrialization(再工業化)).

Research “Business For Good 1.0” conducted by the HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum in 2019.

Working to drive social innovation and urban transformation in the process of Re-Industrialization to the minimal district level, Social Entrepreneurship Lab was first piloted in Tai Po District as part of the Community Program series in the Social Enterprise Summit with 1)Community Tour, 2)School Talk and 3)Stakeholder Workshop with the support of the Tai Po District Office of the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB), Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (Re-Industrialization Team), Cyberport with overseas partners in Singapore, Jurong Town Corporations and Nanyang Technological University EcoLabs.

More development agenda and public participatory programs would be deployed in the next round of Social Entrepreneurship Programs in Tai Po District in the year 2022 to echo the early stage development of the Northern Metropolis, as announced in the Hong Kong Policy Address 2021, with the lens of district-specific bottom-up socio-economic innovation and public policy.

Captures of the Social Entrepreneurship Lab (Stakeholder Workshop) with the participation of the stakeholders in HK Science and Technology Parks (Re-Industrialization Team), Assistant District Officer of Home Affairs Bureau and the representative of the Social Enterprise Summit. (Venue@HKSTP)
Expert Commentary on Hong Kong Re-Industrialization Strategy, by Dr. Lee George Lam, Chairman of Cyberport; Ex-officio Member in Committee on Innovation, Technology and Re-industrialisation of the Innovation and Technology Bureau in the Hong Kong SAR Government.

Click Here to Read More About The Policy Memo on Re-Industrialization in Tai Po District upon the Social Entrepreneurship Lab (Workshop)

In the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR and the 15th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit, the participation of Good City Foundation strives to engage stronger networks of young leaders of various backgrounds from public policies, family offices and young Mainland Chinese professionals who base in Hong Kong (港漂) in the last decade and other minority communities, whom they have equally shared compassions and sense of trust and belonging to well-being of Hong Kong.

Keynote Session and Moderation in the HKSES2021.
(left) Intercity Panel Discussion with the City Partners and Advisor of the Good City Foundation, moderated by Mr. Ryan Ip, Head of Land & Housing Research of Our Hong Kong Foundation in the HKSES2021. (right) Founder of Good City Foundation, Andre Kwok, sharing the experience of Community Program in Tai Po in the closing session of the HKSES2021.

Click Here to Check the Report of the Social Enterprise Summit 2021

(The noted article hereby also serves to announcement of transparency of the where Board Member of Good City Foundation also sits with other Board of Directorship)

  1. Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit
  2. Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum
  3. Launch of New Research Report on Business for Good: Understanding the Motivations For Business to Create Shared Value



Fostering better public private partnership through foundation stewardship model in emerging cities.

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Fostering better public private partnership through foundation stewardship model in emerging cities.