INDONESIA: Launch of Digital Portal of Climate-Friendly Bamboo Architecture and Climate-Friendly Investment Collaboration in Bali Island

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4 min readSep 6, 2022
Landing Page of the Sun Sang Eco Village Digital Portal

SEPTEMBER 2022 — The full launch of the digital portal for bamboo village home-stay and climate-friendly bamboo architecture collaboration and investment platform ( has just been live at the end of August this year. The platform has been a fruitful kickstart of the strategic collaboration between The Sun Sang Eco Village in Bali Island, Indonesia and the multilateral non-profit Good City Foundation.

Booking Facility (left) and the Bamboo Architecture Portfolio (right)

Digital Portal for Bamboo Village Home-Stay and Climate-Friendly Architecture Collaboration and Investment

The digital portal of the Sun Sang Eco Village consists of both the booking facility and bamboo architecture portfolio. Sun Sang Eco Village as a social venture operates the business with both the 1)bamboo house home-stay booking for local and foreign tourists, 2) eco-tourism experience purchase and 3)bamboo architecture portfolio display and investment collaboration.

Access to the Booking Facility:

Access to the Climate-Friendly Bamboo Architecture Portfolio:

In the upcoming second stage of development, business innovation would be explored and incubated with technology partnership in digital payments, e-commerce and green architecture investment collaboration. With the digital payments ecosystem, digital membership subscription in green tourism (with other tourism vendors and hospitality service providers in Bali Island) and low-carbon architecture and construction would be made possible.

Circular bamboo economy with local bamboo construction materials suppliers ecosystem was to be established within Bali Island to ensure low-carbon emission logistics and construction development for future housing with Balinese housing needs and tourism business development. The partnership welcomes green impact funds targeting net-zero carbon emission industries, circular economy and green tourism to explore business synergies and identify businesses of sustainable growth.

2019–2020: Public Private Partnership by Youth in Denpasar, Bali Island

The collaboration was originated in the development program series “Public Private Partnership by Youth” (PPP by Youth) in Denpasar City, the capital of Bali Island in Indonesia. The development program was co-curated in collaboration with the support of local champion organisations such as Denpasar Tourism Development Board, Indonesia Creative Cities Network, Global Shapers Denpasar Hub, KemBali and others.

The PPP by Youth development programs were conducted in 2 consecutive years to primarily explore the tourism policies and industry development landscape in Bali Island with the support of local government (Mayor Office). With the local social venture (Sun Sang Eco Village) identified in the first program, the second program focuses on the local project assessment and consultation with the support of the Masters and Lecturer from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. With the final project assessment and recommendations presented in the program, Good City Foundation selected the feasible development paths for implementation.

Email us at for exploring more collaboration through potential development program through PPP by Youth.

Captures of Development Program Public Private Partnership by Youth (PPP by Youth) in Bali in January 2020 with Harvard Graduate School of Design
Captures of Development Program Public Private Partnership by Youth (PPP by Youth) in Bali in January 2019



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