HONG KONG AND ASIA: Little Dragon Rise Again with Hong Kong 3.0, Where This Time, the Chinese Businesses Enter the World through Hong Kong

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7 min readFeb 12, 2023
Group Photo of the local Organizing Team and the Audience of The FCS2022 in Hong Kong.

DECEMBER 2022 — JANUARY 2023 —Good City Foundation hosted the main conference of the Annual Meet of the Future City Summit 2022 in Hong Kong with sessions of business and investment luncheons and events in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Singapore and Jakarta (Indonesia) respectively.

70 representative leaders in Hong Kong were joined by 8 representatives from Singapore and The Philippines in the 7th Annual Meet with the theme of the “Legacy Rejuvenating — Little Dragon Rise Again” on 13th December 2022 with the venue of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.

Group Photo with The Audience in FCS2022.

As Hong Kong and Mainland China is reopening, the timely annual meet gathered key partners and audience from urban policies, technologies and investment in hosting cities to echo the value proposed by one of the key speakers, Mr. Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group, that “Hong Kong 3.0” means not just welcoming businesses and investments coming back to Mainland China through Hong Kong, but also more Chinese companies and investment strategically going overseas and the world through Hong Kong.

Founder of the Good City Foundation, Mr. Kwok Ka Ming Andre, Highlighted the Collaboration with the World Economic Forum in 2023 in Hong Kong.

With the conversations sparkled and highlighted by the speakers, the next Future City Summit Annual Meet would be in joint-invitation and collaboration with the World Economic Forum Urban Transformation Hub, expectedly early July 2023, with the name of “Hong Kong — Davos Project”.

As the roadmap to the Summer Davos in Mainland China in September 2023, it is proposed that a regional in-person event “Hong Kong — Davos Project” in the GBA — Global Future City and Investment Summit Annual Meet 2023 (FCS2023) to be hosted in Hong Kong with the support of Hong Kong government and Forum members / partners/ shapers/ YGLs in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area, to host up to 100–150 global business leaders around the world and Asian regions, and network with the top and promising local rising leaders in Hong Kong.

Taking the advantage of regional location in Asia, the “Hong Kong — Davos Project”serves as a regional connectivity hub for regional business leaders in emerging Asia such as Southeast Asian (ASEAN) regions, South Asia and East Asia. The 3 days Hong Kong event sets to provide high-level business dialogue, and extraordinary cultural and natural scenic experience through various visiting walks in the community districts, innovation landmarks and cultural dynamics.

Interested parties and partners are welcome to reach the Good City Foundation in Hong Kong at email: community@goodcityfoundation.org.

Souvenir presentations to the honourable guests and sponsors of the FCS2022.

The Future City Summit Annual Meet 2022 was sponsored by Invest Hong Kong, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office and Tsangs Group with strategic partnership with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.

with all panel speakers in the FCS2022.

Hong Kong to Top-Tier Ethnic Chinese Business And Investment Community in the Mekong through Cambodia

Group Photo With All Guests in Cambodia — Hong Kong Executive Business Luncheon

Cambodia— Hong Kong Executive Luncheon was hosted by Good City Foundation on 16th December 2022, sponsored by the Hong Kong Economics and Trade Office in Bangkok, supported by Invest Hong Kong and Tsangs Group with the lead curation support of local City Partner, Ms. Pichmonyka Chan.

22 business and investment leaders from Cambodia, and the representative from HKETO with business interest in Hong Kong and Cambodia, and primary target sectors include family businesses, venture capital and investments with strong sector interests in smart cities, fintech and supply-chain and venture builder enablers, have been invited to share the business trends and future Cambodia-Hong Kong business and investment opportunities.

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Phnom Penh Dialogue Day — Young Khmer Architects Meet Business

Group Photo with Participants in The Phnom Penh Dialogue Day

The session “Phnom Penh Dialogue Day” was an Open Day (Day 1) for the “Preah Sisowath Quay: Riverside Heritage Walk” Research Photo Exhibition (18th — 25th December). It consisted of a series of commentaries, accompanying illustrations and a photo essay on the topic of pedestrianizing Preah Sisowath Quay in the Capital City of Phnom Penh.

Spotlights and Venue Setup of the Phnom Penh Dialogue Day

The redesign of the riverside area into a human-centric space was the main focus of the content. In addition, urban policy, economic benefits, social, and environmental impacts have also been discussed. The dialogue day was attended by 100 delegates from architects, real estate professionals, urban planners, scholars, and other relevant communities.

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Hong Kong to the Muslim Economic Cooperation through Indonesia

Indonesia — Hong Kong Digital Economy Investment Luncheon was hosted on 13th January 2023 in Tugu Kunstkring Paleis, an iconic colonial building-turnt destination for fine arts and fine dining in Jakarta, by the Good City Foundation, co-hosted by the West Java Creative Economy Committee (KREASI JABAR), the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office and Invest Hong Kong in Jakarta and the global family office Tsangs Group supported by the Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN).

The Investment Luncheon was attended by 20 key stakeholders and leaders in the public sectors and private investment sectors such as the Indonesia Creative Cities Network, KREASI JABAR, GInvestindo, OCBC NISP Ventura, MDI Ventures (Telkom Group), the Parliament of West Java Province, Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, ASEAN Economic Cooperation — Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia and the Office of the Secretary-General at ASEAN Secretariat.

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Spotlights of Guests Enjoying The Luncheon and the Cultural Performance during the Luncheon

Hong Kong Reconnects Global Family Offices, Asset Managements and Venture Capitals for Investment and Trade Regional Partnership

Group Photo with All Guests in The Singapore — Hong Kong Investor Luncheon

Singapore — Hong Kong Investor Luncheon was co-hosted by the Good City Foundation and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore (Singapore ETO) at Fullerton Hotel Singapore on January 12, 2023.

Sponsored by the Singapore ETO and supported by the Vietnam Business Exchange and Tsangs Group, hosted by the Good City Foundation and the Invest Hong Kong, an annual curation that gathers key stakeholders in Asia who drive the agenda of sustainable development in cities.

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Spotlights of guests and partners with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices and Invest Hong Kong.



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