Indonesia: Cross-Border Inter-Cities Collaboration with Hong Kong and Asia. What Can We Learn From Creative Bureaucrats?

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Water Sketching Painting of Bandung Braga Area. Source: artyan trihandono

INDONESIA AND HONG KONG. In October, the Indonesia Creative Cities Network(ICCN) and Hong Kong based development organisation Good City Foundation established collaboration to deliver a stronger and more robusted data and creativity-driven evaluation measures to the emerging 2nd tier cities in Southeast Asia.

The Indonesia Creative Cities Network(ICCN), formed in 2015, is a hub organisation to implement the 10 Principles of Indonesia Creative Cities, founded by Mr. Ridwan Kamil, ex-Mayor of Bandung City and current Governor of West Java Province. Up to date, ICCN has connected community representatives from more than 211 different cities in Indonesia with 13 regional coordinators and 20 sub-regional coordinators. ICCN is committed to advancing creative cities in Indonesia, by conducting research and development to foster economic development with creativity as an engine. The implementation is also conducted by a complete spectrum of institutional infrastructure elements, often referred to be a penta-helix stakeholders: bureaucracy, academics, business community and media.

In the face of structural socio-economic impact brought by the pandemic COVID-19, by October 2020, the pan-economic landscape began its drastic changes and self-crash. In the latest survey conducted by UNDP Indonesia, 21% of the SMEs reported that their business completely stopped due to COVID-19. 33% faced major downturn of their businesses. The massive movement of populations and low-income workers to the provinces created demand shocks and other labor supply impacts to the 2nd and 3rd tier cities in Indonesia.

While the capital markets in Hong Kong and other steadily recovering cities in Asia are reviving their (impact) investment activities and deal searching, Good City Foundation and the Indonesia Creative Cities Network(ICCN) eyes on a more proper evaluation-first approach to understand deeper what have been going on in the ground.

Engagement of ICCN in Good City Foundation’s development program “Public Private Partnership by Youth” in Denpasar, Bali Island in 2019

The collaboration in a joint-network effort to exchange information of the latest development among the cities in Indonesia and Hong Kong, as well as other connected cities in Asia. 3 pillars of collaboration are laid out in the partnership for the connectivity of cities and cross-border learning and partnership.

2nd Tier City Benchmarking Scheme

The partnership assembles with other network organisations and professional networks such as Southeast Asia Creative Cities Network, ASEAN Smart Cities Network E-Forum and Urbanetic in Singapore to initiate a consortium of city evaluation network to construct a benchmarking model to serve as a common development tool for both the policymakers, town planners and financiers in private sectors. It positions itself as a public good as a planning policy sandbox and an alternative credit rating framework for development financing.

Global wicked development challenges as such in the face of world-wide pandemic would only be solved by substantial regional and inter-cities collective efforts, entrepreneurship and pragmatic innovation. The consortium calls for more supporting parties and partners for joining the movement, for better cities of tomorrow.

Ayip Budiman Creative Fellowship(ABCF)

With the support of the past core-member of the ICCN, Mr. Ayip Budiman, the Founder of Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, the

Ayip Budiman Creative Fellowship is an initiative proposed by the subsidiary fund of Good City Foundation, Garuda Fund to continue to support the local designers and creative entrepreneurs in Indonesia who follow and are aspired by Mr. Budiman’s vision. The Fellowship will continue to support financially to the local students and young leaders to engage in different world-class events for exposure and collaboration.

Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020

Posters for Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020 and Tech For Good Cities Roadshow

Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020 (16th — 17th December) is the 5th annually curated assembly for the partners and stakeholders in emerging cities in Asia and Africa to meet and review the latest agenda towards solving the global wicked challenges in development.

With the support of ICCN, town planners and creative architects would be participating to address the topics among the main theme of the year “Global Post-Pandemic Recovery”. Cities such as Surabaya and Denpasar were also invited to showcase their latest master planning with the partners from World Economic Forum and World Bank IFC.

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