Covid-19 can stop us from gathering, but not from learning and making the world a better place. Supercharging the much needed global revisit of collaboration on critical Future City Summit is hosting its 6th Annual Conference oncoming 14th — 16th December 2021 in Hong Kong and Guangzhou(Greater Bay Area of…

九月五日 —印度尼西亚创新城市网络(Indonesia Creative Cities Network)、联同战略资助机构曾氏集团(家族办公室)(Tsangs Group)、好城市基金会(Good City Foundation)于9月中推动东南亚首创「城市数字规划管理加速器」(Bootcamp Accelerator for Mayor Offices, BAMO),虚拟现实全球技术品牌HTC VIVE提供技术支持。

疫情持续恶化之下城市可持续规划创新讲求智能化及数字化,「加速器」采用虚拟实景技术及线上会议形式为 31 家印尼市政府、共 81 名市政府规划官员进行智慧城市开发、数字转型規劃及政策管理培育,为期两个月。

5 September 2021. Meskipun pandemi COVID-19 masih berlanjut di penghujung tahun 2021, hal itu tidak menghentikan inovasi pengembangan kota lintas batas. Melalui kerja sama dengan brand sistem Virtual Reality HTC Vive serta pendanaan strategis oleh Tsangs Group dan Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN), Good City Foundation (GCF) menyelenggarakan Bootcamp Accelerator…

5th September 2021 While the COVID-19 pandemic still persists in the late 2021, it does not stop urban innovation across-border. With the technology partnership of virtual reality system brand HTC VIVE and strategic funding by the family office Tsangs Group and Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN), Good City Foundation launches…

曾⽒集團主席曾沛霖出席未来城市峰會 2020 年會

好城市基金會欣然宣布,我們已於2021年6月與曾氏集團(Tsangs Group)成為戰略合作夥伴,為亞洲新興城市帶動更美好的發展。

5th Anniversary Celebration in the Future City Summit in 2020, with the Chairman of Tsangs Group, Mr. Patrick Tsang (3rd from the left in the last row).

Good City Foundation and Tsangs Group are teaming up as Strategic Partnership in June 2021 to deliver digital platform and global resources of urban development to emerging cities in Asia.

Photo credit to Mr.Chhoy Theara

On 25th May 2021, Rainmaking Cambodia 2021 was successfully held in one of the Rainmaking Series across 10 cities including Asia, Africa and North America, hosted by Good City Foundation, sponsored by Tsangs Group, and supported by Invest HK, Startmeup HK, The World Economic Forum, Hong Kong Economic And Trade…

我们愿景「未来城市峰会 2021 年会」是一场中国未来青年在疫情后能够热血一番的把酒英雄地。在 2020 年世界弹指以后,你希望在这场人类复兴运动当中担当什么角色?作为疫情后社会经济回复速度最快的国家,我们这群新一代青年有什么信息想带给在远方的朋友?我们又有什么好城市、好科技、好人文价值可以传递给所有人呢?

Memory Capture: African Frontier Panel Discussion in Future City Summit Annual Meet 2019 in Chicago Booth Business School in Hong Kong.

On 16–17 December 2020, the 5th Annual Meet of Future City Summit was successfully held globally, with Cyberport in Hong Kong used as the studio. The event was jointly sponsored by InvestHK (Government Department of Foreign Direct Investment) and Cyberport Hong Kong. The summit recorded over 390 nominated delegates from…

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Fostering better public private partnership through foundation stewardship model in emerging cities.

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